Monday, September 14, 2009

Jamfest 2009

My awesome friend Janice graciously volunteered to help me with cooking and canning the strawberry jam that we're going to use for favors at the wedding. Thus Jamfest '09 was born.

The 'jammin begins....

We had two batches going at any time, and once we had done two batches we got down to it; Janice decided on an improvised assembly line and off we went and canned 84 6oz jars of strawberry jam.
Yes, you read that right. 84 jars. My kitchen was COOKING during jamfest. I cannot wait for that electric bill....

"The Jammers"

(I was making my mom a salad for lunch. She was doing hard time with Sean on the walkway outside, and so the very least I could do was to make her lunch. So no, we did not add avocado and mushrooms to the jam....)

The final product turned out good. A few of the jars did not seal all the way, not even after a second hot water bath. Next time, I will do more research to find smooth side canning jars with double lids so that I won't have to worry. On the flipside, all the jars that didn't seal are in my fridge now, begging to be eaten.
Final pictures will be posted once I have the fabulous labels (ordered via Ms Pickles Press on Etsy because Mrs. JP reminded me to not do everything myself!)

Less than 4 weeks left! :-)


Lisa said...

Oh my, Lena! I can't believe 84 jars! What are side-canning jars with double lids? I don't think I've heard of them??? You are going to have a lovely wedding. It's exciting and getting close. The weather will be so nice.

the inadvertent farmer said...

Oh Lena your effort is admirable...most bride are not nearly as considerate! You will have some lucky wedding guests...Kim

Janice said...

And the smell of the strawberries was intoxicating! Glad we were able to get so much done... now I just need to get my own stuff a cookin'. Can't wait for the wedding!

YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Wow, you ladies sure were jammin'!
It will be a beautiful wedding!

Mrs. JP said...

Oh my word!!! It's such a blessing to have a friend that's in the thick of it with you. You are amazing..I'm just so proud of you. Take a break,,,do something for yourself. I sound like McDonald's "You deserve a break today......"
Good job...If you have more in your pantry than you want to eat you could made surprise gifts to family, friends or neighbors. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you pop over and bless someone with homemade stuff "just because." However, I'm not opposed to nor above sitting down with a spoon and indulging:O)
I can't believe you had the energy to post after all that but thank you for keeping us posted.

Heike said...

Tastebuds are jumping.
Saliva is running.
Heike - currently from the library of the City of Malmö, Sweden.