Friday, October 30, 2009

Newlyweds and Peppers Galore

Greetings from the newlyweds! :-) Yes, it's great although it really doesn't feel like much has changed. lol. Instead of the "When are you getting married?" questions, we now get the "When are you getting pregnant?" questions. lol. Oh and the "Mrs. Baaaaaaarley" wherever I go. Yep. You know who you are. I'm hereby letting you know that you're weird. And you should stop now.

Our honeymoon weekend at the Biltmore Estate in the NC mountains was awesome. We had a great time, eating good food, enjoying adventures that friends had so graciously given us as wedding gifts. Here we are enjoying the Segway tour. Off-road Segways are so much fun!

Back home I ventured out in the garden to find that the bok choi and chard I had planted the weekend before the wedding had survived, the cabbage and broccoli that still needs to be planted has survived the neglect, the raspberry bushes and persimmon tree that friends gave us for the wedding are waiting for their "place" and I had a huge bounty of peppers! I think I'm going to make some pepper jelly this weekend and can it as holiday gifts. We have a mixture of Carolina Bell peppers, Banana peppers and some Wenk's Yellow Hot. I also have some cutie Lemon Drop hot peppers that aren't in the picture.

I also have to take care of these that my friend Janice got for me during their trip to a mountain orchard. Apple sauce here we come.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Lisa said...

So glad to hear you're enjoying married life. Love the picture you posted!

wvfarmgirl said...

Lemon drop peppers are HOT HOT HOT! Enjoy!

Mrs. JP said...

What a lovely honeymoon spot! You deserve it. Thanks for the update and as usual you're back at it full on :O) You have more energy than I so you go girl!!

YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Hello newlyweds! Glad to hear you are enjoying your new married life!
Yummy apples! You can make some apple preserves as well to use on toasts. It's delicious! Email me if you would like the recipe.

Lisa said...

Hey, Lena! I've nominated you for the KREATIV BLOGGER award! See this post for details:

inadvertent farmer said...

Honeymoons are great but being home is best!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

What a great place you went on your honeymoon.

Your veggies look great! Wish mine were growing. We did not have a very good planting season. Maybe spring planting will be better.

Irma :)