Monday, February 15, 2010

Markers for our garden

I've been going back and forth about markers for our garden this year. But finally I had to give in. If you saw my list a few posts ago, there is no way I will remember where all those veggies and herbs went! I do draw things out in a notebook, but I don't want to always bring that with me out to the garden.
I looked at expensive copper markers with etching pens, found ideas on other blogs about using plastic knives and Sharpies, saw crafty markers done using small terracotta pots and hangers, decorative paint and a lot of time! Something about putting plastic into my carefully crafted organic garden seemed all wrong, and I really couldn't see myself spending on those nice copper markers. I wanted something easy, cheap, long lasting and nice looking.

Sean helped me come up with this handy neat idea, that will look great in our garden. We had some left-over marker stakes, the kind that you mark out construction projects with. At our Lowe's they sell them over by the construction wood in a package of 15 or 20. They are pointed at one end and are about 1 1/2 inch wide.

Sean then used a woodburning tool to burn in the names of some of the vegetables for our garden. I think it looks great. Not sure how they will hold up through watering, rain, southern sun and heat, but if not - they were pretty inexpensive. Thanks honey!


YD, sometimes with ♥June and ♥Angel Samantha said...

That's a neat idea! That Sean is a keeper! :P

Mrs. JP said...

OH, good idea. Yes, considering the list you posted, you'll need those. They are so nice.
Awwww, Sean, that's one of the nicest things. The gift of time and talent - true love :O)

Unknown said...

Looks really nice! I like it, too. :-) From Swedish-climate-experience, I have to report that we had something similar in the garden for the dead hamster Mamsi. (R.I.P.) Nathalie had made it in school. It lasted about over 1 year, then we could not read it anymore. But as you have it so much milder, it might stay fresh for a much longer time. It looks really great!

Mrs. JP said...

Hey, I had an idea - if you dipped the ends that go in the ground in candle wax they'd last longer.

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

That sounds like a great idea. I'm always trying different markers and they never seem to work. I think I will also give this a try. I once used plastic markers and when it rained all of the names washed off. LOL

Irma :)