Friday, June 11, 2010

Garden Crazies

I love living in the south! I love having vegetables already! Ahem, well...remind me of that again when it's in the 100s and humid, humid, humid and my hair is all least the garden doesn't care about my frizzy hair. :-)

Our garden is going crazy this year. Crazy in a good way and I just hope we can keep up with it. Here are a few photos of what we've harvested so far:

Cueball zucchinis that are growing next to the compost bin (courtesy of me tossing the bad ones over the fence from the garden in the "general direction" of the compost bin and then promptly forgetting about actually putting them ON the compost pile...oups.)

New potatoes - All Red, All Blue and Carola (yellow). Wow were they good. We've been handpicking a TON of Colorado potato beetle larvae and the plants that these potatoes came from were pretty much eaten up. So I figured they could be sacrificed. I think now I will have to dig up some more! New potatoes are the best. Heike eats them with creme fraiche, basil and lime....I will have to try that next time!

The bush beans are going absolutely nuts. I eat them, I blanch them and freeze them and still there is more! The Chinese yard longs are starting to come in as well.

I think I got a little too excited about the cucumber plantings. They are growing like weeds and even stretching their prickly tentacles over the beans and over towards the tomatoes. That's where I draw the line though and they get whacked. Noone messes with Lena's tomatoes!
So this weekend I think I'm going to try my grandmother's recipe for pickles. I've picked about 50 of them over the past week. Still there is more!

Next up in my contest to catch up on my blogging (work has been very hectic) will be some photos of my jamfest 2010. Strawberry jam was on the agenda (not sure how the blueberries sneaked in above, but they are on sale now at the local farmstand so they will be next!)....and I found a new recipe that I want to share with you. Coming soon....
Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs. JP said...

Gosh Lena, you make me tired and hungry! I want you to post your pickle recipe too, okay? Yep, a girl has to protect her tomatoes. I guess you'll be a busy bee this weekend.

Lisa said...

love all the photos of your harvesting so far...can't wait to see the the recipe you speak of!