Saturday, February 28, 2009

Now open for Dog Biscuit Business!

Sleeping Dog Bakery - now open for Dog Biscuit Business!!! :-)

My friend Steph and I are both interested in feeding our dogs the best food we can. Gracie, Steph's dog, is a rescue mutt of mixed origins - perhaps border collie and papillon? She is on all-natural Kibble and sometimes enjoys both Kefir and eggs as part of her diet.
Kane is on an all-natural raw diet. I feed him things like chicken backs, leg quarters, chicken necks, turkey necks, turkey wings, ground beef and sometimes we get lucky when my friend Maggie supplies us with rabbit. The amount he gets is based on his current weight and how much physical exercise we are doing at the moment. More about Kane's diet in the future perhaps, or on his Schutzhund Adventures blog.

We looked up a few recipes online and in a book I have and settled on a salmon "cookie" recipe and a baked liver treat. Both dogs WOULD NOT leave the kitchen while we were baking. They were smelling something good, and they were going to make sure they did not miss the taste-testing that could potentially happen.

The salmon treat recipe was made with canned salmon, whole eggs, parsley, sesame seeds, flax seeds, and potato flour. Recipe can be found here.

It was quite easy, and only took some time because I wanted to make pretty cookies using cookie-cutters. :-) Hey, dogs need pretty food too!!! :-)
We used doggie bones, hearts, stars and palmetto trees (for South Carolina.)

The second treat we made was done with chicken livers, molasses and parsley. It truly stunk up the kitchen, which means the doggies LOVED it! :-) The end result was a dried liver treat kind of thing.

Grace and Kane - eagerly awaiting the taste test.

We were really excited that they liked the treats. Both dogs are known to spit out purchased so-called "Gourmet" dog treats and it feels good to know what goes into the treat I give my dog.

What's your dog's favorite treat?


Mrs. JP said...

our dogs love ice chips - until they eat so many they have a brain freeze, they love lettuce, grapes, carrots, of course cheese cubes. i like baking for them though because it's no pressure baking - they're gonna love it. Wouldn't it be great if every recipe was met with such excitement!

wvfarmgirl said...

Our neighbor supplies my dogs with whatever treats they crave whenever he leaves a dead cow lying in the field for weeks. When there are no putrified dead cow parts available, they settle for Meaty Bones and pig ears.

YD said...

Samantha and June kept asking me to bake them some of those! They like milkbones and rawhides. Sometimes I bake them plain cookies with a touch of cinnamon, nothing fancy like the ones you made.

inadvertent farmer said...

Now those are some lucky puppies! I don't know if I would even go to that much work for my least not anything that stunk up the kitchen that much!!!

You are a good doggie mama, Kim

ZirisDoberman said...

Lena, you are truly multi-talented. Is the anything you CANT do???? LOL.