Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If you plant snowpeas....

....does that mean it might snow soon after you do so? :-)

I certainly hope the little guys survive and start poking up sometime soon. We got snowed on by Mother Nature (after getting about 7 inches of much-needed rain, yeay!) in the storm that pulled up from the south/south-west
and then continued on north. It started snowing on Saturday evening, and continued throughout the night.

Naturally me and Kane had to go out and investigate (while Sean was snuggling in bed with Stars and Stripes). Everything gets to be so pretty when it snows. I find small little details that I long to take better pictures of, the mist rising off the lake, the morning sun setting the clouds on fire.... I think I need to go visit Kim over at Inadvertent Farmer and learn some more about photography. :-) Or my dad. My dad is an excellent photographer, his specialty being nature and especially birds. The family just came back from a trip to South Africa where they spent a week at a safari lodge. I'm expecting a photobook very soon!

Anyways, here are some pictures as far away from what Southern Africa is like as possible. Kane and I had fun - if you got some of this weather - we hope you did too!

Here is Kane chasing a mouse under the snow....lol. He would jump up like foxes do, then bury his nose into the snow, supposedly to get a good sniff, and then he'd mow the snow over with his nose. Crazy guy! But it looked hilarious.All of Kane's toys were frozen, which means his teeth wouldn't get stuck in them. A great opportunity to play some more, mom!

Our house was just re-stained in a solid, darker color. In anticipation of our "at home" wedding that will take place on October 10 in the backyard. I can't wait to marry Sean - he's such a wonderful man, he makes me feel wonderful and he makes me smile every day. I'm truly a lucky woman for having him in my life. Thanks Steph! Kane is going to walk me down the "aisle." (all together now....."awwwwwww......") We have lots to do before then, but we feel better spending the money on our own home improvements in this kind of economy. More on wedding plans in future posts, I'm sure....
Last year's crepe myrtle berries.
Dripping from a missing drain onto the patio created this master-piece. Only in nature...

Early morning lake ice.

Snow on my garden fence-post.


wvfarmgirl said...

Great pics! We didn't get any snow out of that storm earlier this week. Just BRRRRRRRR cold weather! Good luck with the peas... they like warm soil for germination and cool growing temps. So as long as they germinate, they should be pretty happy!

YD said...

Very nice pictures. I love your house! That is a great color you picked out.
I'm glad you and Kane got to play in the snow. I wonder who's more excited, you or him?
Can't wait to hear more about your wedding plans and see your wedding dress and shoes.

inadvertent farmer said...

Wedding??? I can't wait to see what you have planned. Hubby and I have been married soooooo long that it seems like a lifetime ago since our wedding...I guess 5 kids is a lifetime ago! Have you got a dress? How about Honeymoon plans...now that if the fun part, going somewhere fun to just enjoy each other!

Your sweet dog seems to love the snow.

Thanks for the link...I think you photos are wonderful. Kim