Thursday, April 23, 2009

Let's plant potatoes!

The potato planting team.

One of my dear friends is the mother of two wonderful children, and they stopped by on Easter Monday to help me plant some potatoes. I was hoping it could be a fun experience for the kids, and my friend and I would get to visit as well, which we don't do nearly often enough.

I had left some of our All Blue, All Red, Carola and Fingerling potatoes for them, and we ended up planting two rows (one each of course!) in our nearby vegetable garden.

Raking dirt over the potatoes, under Kane's watchful eye, of course.

Stomping down the ground over the planted potatoes
After we finished planting, we went back inside and brought out the acrylic paints and some wood pieces. It was craft time!!! (my favorite!). The idea was that they would decorate a marker each, and I would seal them and stick them in the garden so that we would know where their potatoes will come up.
Budding Artist 1

Budding Artist 2

We had so much fun painting that when we were finished, they asked if we could do another craft project - so I brought out an Easter Felt Chicken kit I had bought in Sweden and they each made their own "Crazy Chicken" complete with hanging thread to hang in their room at home. Good times. I hope they will come back and visit soon, to see their potatoe plants growing and of course to harvest them when that time comes.

Thanks for stopping by - come back soon!


wvfarmgirl said...

Brrr... why does it look so cold there right now??

Looks like you had a lot of fun on Sunday, but I'm glad Kane was there to supervise. Who knows what you silly humans would have done wrong without him. :)

YD said...

They are such adorable kids!!!
I agree with WVfarmgirl that Kane was there to supervised.

Mrs. JP said...

That's a good looking team you have there. What a good idea for them to make markers for the garden. They'll remember all the fun they had at your house.
Of course Kane had to supervise. He classes up any photo he's in.