Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mega Garden Update

Here's a mega-update from my 2009 garden. Things are heating up outside, and we're busy bees every weekend trying to get to everything. It feels a bit like a race, but I know it will be worth it in the end. :-)

Inside the house:

My tomatoes have been transplanted and are growing like crazy - here are Pineapple tomatoes
and Cherry tomatoes.

Our transplants, peppers and tomatoes, from SSE came in and are recovering nicely from their boxed trip cross-country.

Eggplants - ready to be transplanted.

Three kinds of peppers (2 hot and 1 sweet) are also ready to be transplanted.

The misc. tray. Some chocolate cherry tomatoes from my friend Jeff are getting started. Behind them are Moonflower, Lavender and some Coneflower seedlings. Behind those are basil, a few misplaced lettuces, marjoram and oregano. These also need to be transplanted.

My peppers that I'm not very happy with. The soil mixture was not right since these were planted at the same time as my other peppers. Can you tell the difference??? So I'm carefully going to transplant them into some new soil mix and use the soil blocker. Johnny's 512 mix rules!

A tray of flowers, seeds courtesy of my friend Jeff as well. Echinacea, coneflower and passion flower should be making their way up here. These will be great bee-attractors to my garden and some will be in the front of the house as well.

In the outside garden:

The peas are almost ready to climb the fence.

The strawberry's have their own raised bed and are thrilled to have some dirt.
These are Earliglow strawberries from Pinetree Gardens.

The transplanted lettuce is doing well.

The aragula is breaking through.

The chard is doing it's best.

The chocolate mint is expanding it's territory, as mints do. It's chocolate, I don't mind. :-)

The spinach will soon be ready.

The beets and carrots are sleeping, but the bok choi is awake (middle).

The dog is patient while mommy takes pictures.

The blueberry bushes (Rabbiteye) are waiting for their place.

The potatoes (Banana Fingerlings) have been planted.

And, if all else fails....we have potatoes growing in the compost pile. So there.

Hope your garden is going well too!


YD said...

You are totally over-greening us!!! :P
They are all looking good. I so envy you that you can start transplanting them soon. I have been planting stuff outside: lettuce, radishes, some onion bulbs(leftover from last year, hopefully still good). Will try to plant some carrots and transplant the bok choy this week.
Happy Gardening!

Kane: You are such a good boy!

Mrs. JP said...

Wow,,,that's a major garden...chocolate tomato? This is our first year and so all I have in the ground is potatoes. I caught some turkeys pecking around the garden today so I'm plotting now!

wvfarmgirl said...

YAY! Pineapple tomato!!! I'm glad I could encourage the madness in that respect. You're gonna love 'em! The chocolate cherries are delicious as well, they're my favorite!