Monday, June 1, 2009

Onion Makes An Exit

These are busy times in our garden. Living in the southeast means that there is barely any spring time, instead summer smacks into you from behind and I feel a little bit like I'm playing catch-up all the time!
We spent all day Sunday in the yard and garden. Sean mowed the grass while I weeded the front decorative garden. I then moved on to the veggie garden where it was time for the onions and garlic to get yanked up out of the ground. I need the space for other stuff! :-)
I'm happy to report that our first garlic and onion crop was great. Not fabulous but great. I had four varieties of garlic and they all turned out decent sized. The white multiplier onions did good and so did the french red shallot. The potato onions were a bit on the small side, but I can imagine they pack more of a punch that way.
Now it's time for the tomatoes and peppers to grow so that we can make some salsa! Here are some more pics from the weekend.

White Multiplier Onions

The Garlic.

Parched eggplants and peppers. All the rain we had last week made the top layer rock hard. These kids need some mulch, I know.

I have about 3 or 4 peppers growing already, about thumbsize.

The space-alien tomato cages have landed. We got 29....

I have cherry tomatoes! They are so little, and so cute!

Here, I zoomed in so that you can see them. :-)


No honey, the grass never stops growing....

I leave you with a picture of my chamomille in the herb garden. Add some hot water, and we have a date!

Happy Gardening everyone! I hope you are not as stressed as I am! :-)


wvfarmgirl said...

For the past few weeks I've been feeling helpless, hopeless, and very inadequate because I haven't gotten things planted as early as I usually do. Now you've gone and made me feel worse! It doesn't matter that you're a few zones south of me, you have baby maters and have already harvested your onions! I just put my pathetic mater transplants out this past weekend! ACK!

Everything looks great and I'm green with envy! :)

YD said...

I love chamomille too. Let's have tea together.
Wow, I'm so jealous! My garlics are coming up great and the onions are doing good also, but the onions are only about 5" tall right now.

Kane: Was that a raw bone you were chewing at? Yummy! Every once in a while mom will buy those yummy bones but she always boils them first.
Love, Sam & June.

Mrs. JP said...

You are so right about our seasons. We have winter one or two weekends of spring and then BOOM it's summer. Next year I want to do onions and garlic. What time of the year do you put those in the ground? Do you dry the garlic to get it like what we get in the stores? You think your busy now-wait until those tomato plants start producing like there's no tomorrow. Canning time here we come!

Lena said...

Fear not friends - you are not behind at all. My onions were planted in the fall (last year!) and they've taken their sweet time to get to the current size...

@wvfarmgirl: ACK back! You single-handedly (with 4 dogs and 1 cat) put together a BBQ! By the way - I'm SO excited about my pineapple tomatoes - they look great and I will never stop thanking you!

@Sam & June: Yes, I am on a raw diet where I eat raw meat, bones, supplements like Vitamin E, C, Kelp, Alfa-alfa and Salmon Oil and sometimes raw turkey veggie meat balls that mom makes. Our stomachs are made to digest raw bone, but not cooked - so be careful when you chew on cooked bones so that they don't splinter. Mom says that your mom can PM her for more information. I LOVE my raw diet. I was chewing on half a cow knuckle in that picture. They're yummy!
Luv - Kane.

@Mrs. JP - I planted my onions (I got sets from SSE) in the fall, mulched with straw, gave them some fish emulsion early in the spring and that was about it! So easy! I bet you can grow them over the winter as well.
I'm drying the onions (curing) in a dry (somewhat)cool place (NOTHING is cool right now!! lol) and I will try to braid them after they have dried.
Don't even remind me about canning. I may need ALL of you guys to come down and teach me HOW!!! At least we could do a live webcast. :-)