Monday, March 29, 2010

Tomato Plant Restraint. I have none.

Pretty Costoluto Genovese

Tonight I started transplanting my tomato seedlings. Way overdue. They were growing into the growlights....oups.

I thought I was showing some real restraint this year by only doing 4 or 5 plantings of each type of tomato: Costoluto Genovese, Hungarian Italian Paste, Yellow Pear Cherry, Riesentraube Cherry and German Pink.

The problem is/was that both seeds in each soil block germinated. Sometimes a third one that slipped in germinated too. And I am so NOT a tomato plant killer. I just can't do it. I let them grow and then tonight I started separating them. Successfully I hope. So I end up with 8 - 10 of each kind.

Basic math: 5 varieties of tomato plants X 10 plants = 50 tomato plants.

Hungarian Italian Paste Tomato

Friends- you had better come out of the woodwork right this minute and demand that I give you tomato plants for your garden. And I was laughing (silently) at a fellow blogger writing she had over 40 tomato plants. What a crazy person, I thought. Well here I am, just as crazy (and loving it!).

German Pink Tomato

Now I'm out of pots. And out of transplant mix. Sigh. Home improvement store at lunch tomorrow. Just think of all the salsa we'll be making...and I promise to show an equal lack of restraint in eating whatever we end up producing. This gardening season is off to a GREAT start! Hooray!

That's great, mom. Could you come back inside and feed me now? I'm like...starving here.

Hoping everyone's garden is off to a great start. If not, you know where you can find free tomato plants now.


Mrs. JP said...

LOL...I thought I was bad. You beat everything!!! Seriously,,whatever you plant, you know you'll use. We have loved the frozen tomatoes we did last year. They make great marinara and I didn't have to can. But you have gone 'mater crazy my friend.

Heike Larsson said...

Wunderbar! Sounds like many nice pasta sauces this year! Real nice post!

Lisa said...

Awww--I love the puppy!! I haven't even begun to take our winter veggies out of the garden--only the kale and chard. Broccoli and cabbage still in there! We need to get on the ball with our tomatoes!

YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Haha! We are on the same page when it comes to "killing tomato seedlings". Maybe I shouldn't have started any at all. I should just drive back down to SC and pick some up from you. :)

wvfarmgirl said...

At least I don't feel so "crazy" anymore. :p

Lynn said...

Wow! You had better start looking up tomato recipes on the internet NOW, girl, because in a couple of months you will be inundated! I just made a Parmesan-potato casserole with sun-dried tomatoes I'd dehydrated and frozen last summer from our GLUT of tomatoes. And we had only 7 plants! Start collecting those recipes now, I tell ya :)

Janice said...

Yay! More tomatoes for you, means maybe some for me!Keep planting! Keep planting!