Sunday, April 4, 2010

Front door surprise

What I think is a House Finch has decided that the perfect place for her nest and eggs is our front door wreath! There are two small adorable little eggs in her nest. They are greenish blue with just a few black brownish spots.
Now I will have to put up a sign for the UPS-Fedex guys to not disturb the mama and her young!

What an adorable surprise for Easter!


Lisa said...

Aw, how sweet!

Hannalei said...

I believe it's just her way of complimenting your decoration. When it's fit for a bird you know it has to be goodness. :)

Mrs. JP said...

Hey, you now have the perfect living accessory! She'll probably be pretty protective or "her area." Duck when you come in!!

Lynn said...

Wow, this is so cute! It looks like a decorative embellishment you bought at the crafts store and hot glued to your wreath!